Permits & Concessions

This is where you can help us !!!

We need as many as possible to hold permits – that way we know and can prove how many users we have out there. The more users, the more funding for improvement we can elicit from GW !!

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But remember, all access into the Akatarawa Forest is governed by permits and/or concession anyhow.

Technically speaking, even mountainbikes need permits, but this is something that has never been enforced.

However, for all others (except walkers), a permit is required and enforcement just got a whole lot tougher.

But this is not a draconian measure – Permits for Quads and Trailbikes as well as Horses are free. Permits for 4WD access are restricted to events organised by Clubs recognised jointly by ARAC and GW and are charged at $15 per vehicle per day.

To obtain a Permit, simply contact the GW Upper Hutt Depot on 04 526 4133. Several ARAC members are also able to issue permits,and may offer them to anyone who needs one.

Don’t forget, we really need your help in getting permit numbers up there – at present only a few are actually complying

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