Our Divisions

ARAC is divided into special interest groups or “Divisions”. Currently we have 5 Divisions: Akatarawa, Waiotauro, Eastern Hills, Wairarapa and South Coast (ARAC Manawatu is being formed right now). Each division has to be self-funding, with all monies raised being devoted to the particular area of interest. No funds destined for say Waiotauro can be spent in the Akatarawa Forest and vice versa. This way, each Division can set its own priorities according to its own funding.

Over and above these Divisions, lies the ARAC Executive Committee. Their role is simply to act as mentor to the divisions, and provide such things as accountancy, secretarial, insurance etc as needed. Central operational overheads are kept to an absolute minimum, and are funded voluntarily by the operational divisions. Common costs such as insurances etc, are split proportionally.