For those who thought trail-riding was a relaively new sport, this from the Evening Post of 13 September 1938
From the Turnbull Collection, a few photographs taken of the logging and sawmills of early 20th Century
Campbell’s Mill Circa 1930But beware, Cambell’s Mill was originally located in the Hukinga, and only later moved across to Maungakotukutuku where GW have recently erected signs proudly proclaiming Cambell’s Mill Road.The original Cambell’s Mill Road we now know as Karapoti Gorge !!
Many of the Trams laid out in and around 1900 had wooden rails. Sadly none survive.We do have some broken samples and evidence of iron railed trams dotted around, but again sadly these are rapidly been lost through neglect.
We are looking closely to see if we can find evidence of Trams that pre-date 1900. In that case, they would legally be defined as Archeological and automatically come under a who new raft of regulatory preservation statutes
Until then, all we can do is continue our research and seek out and document as many of these as possible
Belive it or not, this is a Tram off to the side of the Pram Track. The bush is simply reclaiming its ownTen years ago, this was far more open and easily defined – today it’s getting harder and harder to follow
It gets even worse the higher one climbs
It does open up a tad towards the summit – but spot the abandoned hauler and boiler at the top?