• Waiotauru Hut Update
    The old Waiotauru Hut has been well past its use-by date for many years. It has long been threatened with removal if no-one would step up and take ownership of it. The Akatarawa Recreational Access Committee (ARAC) has had a long relationship with the Waiotauru Valley and has held management agreements for the road for […]
  • Whangamomona Church Closes
    Our sister organisation WRAG has some sad news. For any with an interest in the Independent Republic. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/117329314/whangamomona-church-closes-after-100-years
  • Latest Newsletter is Available
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  • ARAC Fuelcard Has Arrived
    ARAC Members can now apply for an ARAC Fuelcard with additional benefits we have negotiated on your behalf. These cards open up access to Truckstops where prices are usually significantly below retail. Save up to 10c off retail pump prices, or even more by taking advantage of Truckstops. Full details – just follow this link
  • Current News
    WordPress site is progressing. News: 1. Waiotauru Hut is more or less complete. The fireplace is probably the last addition to be done. 2. Takapari Road is in the news again, with DOC split 50/50 on keeping the road open and/or demolishing the hut 3. Akatarawa Forest is in pretty good shape at present 4. […]
  • Welcome to ARAC’s New Website
    Welcome to our brand spanking new Website. Lots of effort has been put in to try bring everything up to modern standards, but if you feel we are missing some features or you have any suggestions for change or improvment, drop us a line via the Contact Us page here Meanwhile, do enjoy your meander […]