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Collection of Waypoints

Collection of Waypoints in Wellington Area

We put our thinking caps on, and came up with this set of tracks that are used by multi-disciplined user groups. If you can think of more, please let us know via our Contact Us link so we can add them to the list.

You can also download and take a look at the official trail-riding routes available on the GW map here

One of our major projects at present, is to create a GPS breadcrumb trail of all these, published here, so any user can download and follow the track. 

We will also grade each track to ensure you are not venturing into terrain you or your equipement are not ready for.



Common Name Description Grade
Map - Akatarawa Forest Motorised Recreation Access Tracks A full map of the motorised recreation area within the Akatarawa Forest. Beware large download  
Waypoint Collection A collection of many waypoints detailing the start and end of many of the tracks and trails detailed here. There is an A0 map available for download here - BUT BEWARE - 3Mb  
10 Hour Track Hard Yakka 4WD Track 3
1st Rock Face
Very Steep, very slippery in the wet. Short diversion cutting the corner on Perhams Road
24 Hour Track Well named from the length of time it can take. 4WD Track getting overgrown in places 3
257 Named for access up to Pylon 257. Easy to start, now heavily overgrown towards Top Bogs 1
257 Bush Track    
257 to Blowfly A quad and trail-bike track linking Top Bogs, 257 and the Blowfly. Can be heavily overgrown in places 2
2nd Rock Face A short, steep diversion near teh bottom Perham's Road  
3rd River Crossing Ford across the Akatarawa River West (aka Karapoti River). Named for being the 3rd ford along karapoti Gorge Road. Usually quiet and calm, but can be very dangerous following rain.  
Aaorangi Crossing The main and only route across the Arorangi Range in southern Wairarapa. Walking, hunting, quads and trail-bikes OK. 4WD by permit only from ARAC Wairarapa - email 2
Airstrip Drive 4WD Access way from Valley View Road to rear of Rallywoods. Affords access to Woolshed Road as well 1
Barry Leonard Block Hill Climb Short, steep climb up to an old skid site. Rumour has it the track goes further, but is very overgrown if it does 2
Battle Hill/Transmission Gully Simply farm paddocks, but only under very special permit from GW. Walking access and Mountain Bikes OK - Horses by permit Walking Only
Big Ring Boulevard Long freewheeling downhill named by the Mountainbikers. Follows Titi Road down on Whakatiki all the way down to Dopers.  1
Birch Spur Road Wide reopened logging road affording brilliant views across the Hutt Valley to Wellington. Currentlt clay-based, so very slippery when wet 2
Birchville Dam Road A Walking Track from Cannon Point Trig via the skyline to Birchville Dam and down to Birchville and Brown Owl Walking Only
Blowfly Road
Wide logging road from Puketiro Road to the Blowfly
Boiler Gully Very challenging 4WD track up from Clark's Creek. Will need a lot of work to fully open these days 3
Boobies aka Wayne's Track. Quad and Trail-Bike only - hard yakka at that 3
Campbell's Mill Road  Walking access from Maungakotukutuku Valley to Hydro Valley Road and Whakatiki Forest. Horses and Mountain Bikes OK Walking Only
Cannon Point Monsoon Pond Old 4WD Training Area 3
Cannon Point Road Part private, part GW walking track up to Cannon Point Walkway or Valley View Road - NO DOGS Walking Only
Cannon Point Walkway Walking track along ridge line from Cannon Point Road dropping down into Akatarawa Valley Walking Only
Cannon Point Zig-Zag Steeper walking track avoiding Valley View and logging trucks Walking Only
Causeway Man-made track across the Whakatikei Wetlands. Access to Whakatiki Forest, Slippery Forest and across to the Pines. Stay on the track please 1
Clark's Creek Road Interesting 4WD crescent-shaped track off Valley View Road. Some water and slippery climbs 2
Cleary's Ridge Track aka Cook's Ridge Track, an alternate to Cleary's Road affording undulating hills with some heavy rutting in places. 2
Cleary's Road (and deviation) Passing through logging areas, currently quite wide at the southern end, then narrows to single-track 4wd. Easy going if steep. Can be very slippery in the wet. 1
Cooks B Block These areas are generally closed and not available for casual motorised recreation, but are available for consented club events (subject to plantation forestry requirements). Area is popular for horse riding and is used regularly for these activities. 1
Cook's Block Phil's Gate Hard yakka quad and trail bike track 3
Cook's Main Loop Hard yakka quad and trail bike track
Cook's Ridge Track aka Cleary's Ridge Track, an alternate to Cleary's Road affording undulating hills with some heavy rutting in places. 2
Cooks Road Main arterial road entering from Bull's Run Road. Watch for logging operations 1
Cruiser Drive Runs behind the old woolshed into fresh logging tracks towards Rallywoods, currently in good condition apart from last 200 metres currently blocked 1
Curtis Flat An area between the Blowfly and Puketiro, at the head of the Wainui Stream. This is just one of several tracks and trails in the area  
Deadwood (Hukinga to Rock Garden) Running all the way from the 3rd River Crossing up through Cedar Holm Creek and along Deadwood Ridge. This is a collection of three distinct named tracks. 1
Deadwood Ridge Running north from Cedar Holm Creek to the top of the Rock Garden. Easy wide 4WD track, recently graded 1
Deadwood to Hukinga (via Cedar Holm Creek) The main road up through Hukinga - half way to the Rock garden, Known by some as "The Warm-Up Climb", a wide open 4WD track 1
Devils Staircase The name says it all. Hard Yakka track used by 4WD's, quads, trail bikes and mountain bikes (esp Karapoti Classic). Leads to Rock Garden. Extreme care needed at bottom 100 metres due to erosion of rock face.  3
Dick's Yard A loop descent into an abandoned grazing block. Look out for remains of coppa dam to the south. A bit eroded at present 2
Doper's Dopers in general refers usually just to the junction of Pram Track, Whakaiti Road and Rimu Road. However, some users refer to this side of the Pram Track as Dopers, so it is included as such here. 1
Fenceline Track (Wainui Station to Twin Gates) A track weaving its way following Wainui Station boundary fence up into mature pines, Can be very difficult to pick your way through with a shinny 4WD. Some bush trimming may be in order, 2
Firewood Loop Very hard yakka 4WD track off Whakatiki Road. Be prepared for uncontrolled descents. 3
Fred's Track Quad and Trail Bike Track 3
Hukinga Clearing (3rd River Crossing) Named by the Mountain Bikers, the portion of Karapoti Gorge Road from McGhie's Bridge to the 3rd river crossing 1
Hukinga Loop A short climb up to an old logging skid site. The loop beyond is very overgrown and needs work to reopen 2
Hukinga to Cedar Holm Creek From the 3rd River Crossing up to the North and Cedar Holm Creek. Wide 4WD track with soem steep hills 1
Hydro Road Main track running roughly south-north from Puketiro Road to the Valley Floor where it meets up with Hydro Valley Road. Also here is the Orange Hut and the start of Norm's Crossing. 257, Top Bogs and the A and B loops are off to the West 1
Hydro Valley Road Following the Pylons northward from the base of the Hydro Valley by the Orange Hut, up to Twin gates where it meets Titi Road. The track tentattively continues up to meet Cambell's Mill Road and the Fenceline Track. Excellent 4WD track 1
Junction Hill Road An alternate route running alongside Cleary's Road, can be hard yakka when wet. Severe erosion and deep mud in places. 4WD, quads and trailbikes 2
Karapoti Challenge This is the route taken by the Karapoti Challenge mountainbike race.  2
Karapoti Classic This is the route taken by the Karapoti Clasic mountainbike race. 3
Karapoti Gorge Leading in from Akatarawa Valley the track is now quite narrow. No longer suitable for 4WD's 2
Karapoti Traverse (above Karapoti Gorge Not for the faint-hearted. Trail-bike track above Karapoti Gorge. Last reports are that it is very overgrown 3
Kilometre Road A simple short ex-logging track in Valley View Forest, just off Valley View Road 1
Lindsay's Block Hill Climb    
Lindsay's Road Logging track leading in from Valley View Road to the Lindsay's forestry Block. Dead end, but worth the trip 1
Link Track Quad and Trail-Bike track running south-north between the summit of the Pram Track and Titi Road near the Devil's Staircase 3
Loops (A & B) Running from the Wind sampling mast above 257. Now largely overgrown with collapsed bridges, possibly usable by Trail Bikes, 4WD unlikely to complete the loop 3
Marcus' Crescent A short sojourn into the logged area off Valley View 1
Martins Creek Running upstream from the Rock Garden to the Promenade 2
Martin's Valley Track Hard yakka quad and trail bike track 3
Martin's Valley Road Hard yakka quad and trail bike track 3
Maungakotukutuku Road Main arterial road in from Kapiti Coast and Waterfall Road to Maungakotukutuku Valley and Akatarawa Forest. Tar seal in the west gives way to gravel over the watershed. 1
McGhies Road Downhill from Valley View and Woolshed to McGhies Bridge. Wide well-maintained 4WD track, can have slips at times. 1
MOT Block Road Older logging road runs for a few Km's into the block. Peters out into a cycle track 1
Mount Wainui Walking track only to one of the highest spots around. Walking Only
Neils Track    
Norms Creek    
Norm's Crossing Punched in by Norm Gyton, linking Htdro Valley and Whakatiki Valley. Wide open 4WD track that can be greasy in places when wet. 1
Norms Loop - Water Tank Small 4WD's and Quads enjoy this small diversion near the junctions of Hydro Road and Norm's Crossing 2
Odlin's Road Named for the Odlin's milling operation, also known as Waiotautu Road, leads down into the waiotaru Valley. Trampers can venture as far as Otaki Forks, but most vehicles stop at the Snowy River or before. Slips are frequent, so access by 4WD can be limited. This is not a track for the inexperienced. 3
Orange Hut Built for the users by the users, See photo collection here. Officially opened on 1st July 2007 after being rebuilt following the demise of its wooden predecessor sometime during May 2005 - view here  
Perhams Road Main 4WD track in from Maugakotukutuku Valley up to Titi Road. Slippery in places during extreme wet periods 1
Pram Track The main track across the divide from the Hukinga to Whakaitei Valley. Maintained as a 4WD track. Can become quite slippery in wet weather, but generally an easy crossing. The Link track starts from the mid-point of the Pram Track 1
Price's Flat Area near old Hukinga Village Site along Hukinga Road 1
Puketiro Fence Line Tracks    
Puketiro Loop Down – To Horokiri Stream A Walking and Mountain Bike track down from Puketiro Road to Transmission Gulley and the Hirokiri Stream. 4WD's by special permit only. 1
Puketiro Loop Up – From Horokiri Stream A Walking and Mountain Bike track up from Transmission Gulley and the Hirokiri Stream to Puketiro Road. 4WD's by special permit only. 1
Puketiro Road The main logging road running from Cooks Road (and Bull's Run Road) due north along the whole of the Puketiro Forests  1
Pylon Tracks Many of the Transpower Pylons have maintenance tracks leading up to them. Perhaps the most famous is 257 (the number of the pylon), Some are short and disinteresting, others go significant distances. Here's a collection of some of the good ones  
Quad Track    
Quarry Loop    
Reservoir Ridge Road Follows the old logging road that nowadays parallels the walking track above Cannon Point 3
Ridge C A dead-end through plantation forestry from Cleary's Road out to the proposed "Ridge C" of the now-defunct windfarm. 4WD's OK with care, but can be narrow and scratchy with trees down in places.  2
Rimu Road Running south from Dopers and the Long Crossing, climbs steadily to the summit where it meets Cleary's and Toi Toi Roads. Wide open 4WD route. 1
Rimu Road Side Track One    
Rimu Road Side Track Two    
Rimu Road Side Track Three    
Rock Garden Aptly named, hard yakka for quads and trail-bikes, even more so for 4WD's. Either venture to the beautiful lake at the garden and return, or venture through and climb the evn more challenginf Devil's Staircase 3
Roller Coaster Hard Yakka for Quads, Trail-Bikes and 4WD's. some very steep slippery sections, 3
Shodders/Roy Days Road Very hard yakka for quads and trail bikes. Only the top half has been mapped so far.  
Siberia A collection of short tracks forming a rough cresent above the Third River Crossing 3
Slippery Forest A short stretch of 4WD hard-yakka full of mud, fallen trees and overgrown gorse. 3
Sutherland's Track AKA The Aaorangi Crossing. The main and only route across the Aarorangi Range in southern Wairarapa. Walking, hunting, quads and trail-bikes OK. 4WD by permit only from ARAC Wairarapa - email  
The Boggie Loop (off Perhams at top off 2nd Rockface)    
The Pines (back of Causeway to Wainui Station) Ex Logging Road, wide and well-maintained suitable for all 1
The Ruts Challenging track around the back of the Orange Hut. Getting harder each season at present. Huge washout in the middle may require winching for all users 3
The Shute (off Perhams by the Quarry)    
The Slide (24 Hour to Perhams)    
The Suzuki Loop (off Perhams by the Bailey Bridge)    
Three Skulls Road The part legal, part private road that was the original logging road in years gone by. Technically Three Skulls Road runs all the way from Totara Park to McGhie's Bridge. Walking Only
Three Skulls Walkway A new walking track from the top of Three Skulls Road to the Cannon Point Trig avoiding walking along the logging road. Can be steep in places. Walking Only
Titi Road Running from Hydro Valley Road and Twin Gates passing Whakatiki and Perhams Roads to the top of the Devils Staircase. Wide open 4WD Track. 1
Toi Toi Road Linking between Hydro Road and the summit of Rimu and Cleary's Roads, Wide, steep 4WD track.   1
Top Bogs Reserved for Quads and Trail-Bikes, with 4WD's by special permit. If you want a challenge, this is it. Linking in to 257, both tracks are overgrown at present.  3
Valley View Road The main logging road running from Totara Park Gate (although some would call the first section McCurdy's Road) all the way to the junction of Woolshed and McGhie's Roads. Wide 4WD track - but watch for logging operations even at weekend.  1
Valley View Training Area/Monsoon Pond Just along Bridge Road from the Cannon Point Trig, lies an old 4WD training area. There is a large monsoon pond here, but so overgrown with gorse as to be completely obscured.  1
Wainui Stream to Blowfly Currently closed due to Forestry Operations, ARAC have requested it be reopened asap  
Warm-up Climb Track from Third River Crossing along Hukinga Road to Cedar Holm Creek, Used by mountain bikers to "warm up" - judging by the hills they will be. Wide open 4WD track 1
Waiotauru Road aka Odlin's Road - so named for the Odlin's milling operation, leads down into the Waiotaru Valley. Trampers can venture as far as Otaki Forks, but most vehicles stop at the Snowy River or before. Slips are frequent, so access by 4WD can be limited. This is not a track for the inexperienced. 3
Waynes Track aka Boobies. Quad and Trail-Bike only - hard yakka at that 3
Wellington South Coast Closed to motorised transport on Sundays !!!   Starting from the disused Quarry at Owhiro Bay, this coastal road meanders around bay after bay to end at a locked gate at Oteranga Bay. Passes through Red Rocks and Devil's Gate passing many secluded bach's along the way. The going is variable and can change between storms. Beware tides are a big factor the further around you venture. Going is harder nearest the water-line. 2
Whakatikei Causeway Man-made track across the Whakatikei Wetlands. Access to Whakatiki Forest, Slippery Forest and across to the Pines. Stay on the track please  
Whakatikei River (from Causeway to Forest) Driving through the Whakatikei River to start and then on up into the Whakatiki Forest floor, 4WD's need to pick the route with care,  
Whakatikei Wetland A definite no-no Wetlend. No access to any vehicles, The wetlands are crossed by the Causeway, with the only approved exit into the Whakatikei River or up to the Pines. No Access
Whakatiki Forest Veritable Aladin's Cave of tracks and trails hidden within the Plantation Forest 2-3
Whakatiki "Middle Track" A steep slippery downhill 4WD track from the Fenceline Track down into Whakatiki Forest floor.  2
Whakatiki Forest to Twin Gates From Twin Gates down into the Whakatiki Forest, the 4WD track is heavily rutted and can be very slippery in the wet  2
Whakatiki Road One of the main arterial roads linking Titi Road and Dopers. Passing Wayne's Track, the Firewood Loop and Norm's Crossing on the way 1
Whakatiki Saddle Very overgrown quad and trail bike track 3
Widowmaker (24 Hour to Perhams) Incredibly slippery track, covered in moss making it probably undrivavble going up, and suicidal coming down, Could be reopened with work. 3
Winch Every Inch The name says it all. A popular short 4WD track off Perhams Road 3
Woolshed Road Named for the woolshed that stood there for many years, but sadly no more. Recently reinstated following logging operations, passable by 4WD with care. 2
Wrong Way A long distance logging track in Lynday's leading to a skid site with excellent views